About Tribes

The goal of the Tribes TLC® process is to assure the healthy development of every students so that each has the knowledge, skills and resiliency to be successful in our rapidly changing world. This process is based on the work of Jeanne Gibb in her ground-breaking books – Reaching All By Creating Tribes Learning Communities, Discovering the Gifts of Middle School, and Engaging All by Creating High School Learning Communities. These books, plus many more, can be purchased on our website.

To support educators in the implementation of the process, Jeanne has developed Tribes TLC® training courses which certify educators and support them in the implementation process. For more information about the Tribes TLC® process and upcoming trainings, and support, please visit the Tribes website.

In Canada, educators in many district school boards in many provinces have found the Tribes TLC® process so important for establishing classroom and professional learning communities. The Tribes TLC® strategies help educators design powerful lessons that encourage active learning, problem solving, and critical thinking while delivering the prescribed curriculum content.